I Love Pinch of Yum


Photo (c) Pinch of Yum
Photo (c) Pinch of Yum

When you barely eat all day, you can eat delish food that’s not super healthy and survive. Or you could eat super delicious food and thrive.

I’ve been loving Pinch of Yum for a while. The recipes aren’t 100% healthy, but many are great for dieters. This recipe for Garlic Basil Chicken with Tomato Butter Sauce is everything you need in your life. Dinner is served without a side dish of guilt. But it’s not completely diet-friendly if you haven’t been perfectly restricting all day.

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Hunger Hurts… But Starving Works

Okay, Fiona. I see what you’re getting at.

So I’ve never been one of those fat chicks who eat a lot. That’s just not how I roll. Now if I’m in a social setting, especially where there’s alcohol, I can throw down. But on a typical day, I’m drinking an extra-large coffee with a little cream and that carries me until about 3pm. Then, I usually get a cup of free “work coffee” to hold me over til dinner time.

Now, scientifically speaking, I know this is a terrible pattern. I know my body thinks it’s starving and doesn’t know where its next meal is coming from. Enter the smoothie. By having a smoothie for lunch, I’m pretty sure that counts as food. I’m getting fruits and veggies. I’m getting calories. So, when I go home and have a real dinner, it can be 800 calories and I’ll still be all right.

Who deserves a cookie for all that fancy thinkin’? This gal right here.

Gaining is Bad. Regaining is Worse.

At my heaviest, I was 335 pounds. I lost 32 pounds (just couldn’t hit 300) thanks to lots of more sex and salads. That sounds like some strange fetish but it isn’t. I’m 6ft and large framed, so 200 pounds looks “hot” on me. The right balance of muscle and softness. THAT’s my goal. Think  Robyn Lawley (closest to my body type), Laura Wells (next closest), or Denise Bidot if you need an idea. Sadly, I don’t have hips like Ashley Graham, but whatever. Anyway, that is my idea of hot. That’s my ultimate goal. This time, I’ll appreciate being a size 12/14 and not let that number limite my wardrobe to t-shirts and jeans.

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