Hunger Hurts… But Starving Works

Okay, Fiona. I see what you’re getting at.

So I’ve never been one of those fat chicks who eat a lot. That’s just not how I roll. Now if I’m in a social setting, especially where there’s alcohol, I can throw down. But on a typical day, I’m drinking an extra-large coffee with a little cream and that carries me until about 3pm. Then, I usually get a cup of free “work coffee” to hold me over til dinner time.

Now, scientifically speaking, I know this is a terrible pattern. I know my body thinks it’s starving and doesn’t know where its next meal is coming from. Enter the smoothie. By having a smoothie for lunch, I’m pretty sure that counts as food. I’m getting fruits and veggies. I’m getting calories. So, when I go home and have a real dinner, it can be 800 calories and I’ll still be all right.

Who deserves a cookie for all that fancy thinkin’? This gal right here.


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