I Love Pinch of Yum


Photo (c) Pinch of Yum
Photo (c) Pinch of Yum

When you barely eat all day, you can eat delish food that’s not super healthy and survive. Or you could eat super delicious food and thrive.

I’ve been loving Pinch of Yum for a while. The recipes aren’t 100% healthy, but many are great for dieters. This recipe for Garlic Basil Chicken with Tomato Butter Sauce is everything you need in your life. Dinner is served without a side dish of guilt. But it’s not completely diet-friendly if you haven’t been perfectly restricting all day.

The Good

Only 571 calories per serving

34 glorious grams of protein

Just 64mg of sodium so you won’t have a stroke.

Almost 4 grams of fiber is pretty decent.

Lots of veggies to get your A and C vitamins, as well as a little calcium and iron

The Bad

Dude… like 26 grams of fat and 9.5 of those grams are saturated.

113mg of Cholesterol is not so awesome.

More than 29 grams of carbs make this a miss for carb-haters.

I’m sure some fat and calories could be cut by replacing the butter but I was raised on southern cooking and you don’t mess with a woman’s butter. That’s just sacrilegious. Just… no. Use the butter and bust out a hardcore HIIT workout for like 15min if you’re feeling like too much of a glutton.


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