It doesn’t make sense that I’m staying the same weight regardless of what I eat. Seriously. I can starve myself 3 days straight or eat (even bad food) for 3 days straight and nothing changes.

So I’m just going to eat 1500-1800 calories per day as usual and just exercise harder. I’m not depriving myself of pasta if it doesn’t even matter. WTFF?!


Oh Man

So I need to workout regularly. I’ve fallen off it. Why, Lawd, why?!

My boyfriend complaining about losing weight doesn’t help. He’s used to being big and buff so if he slows down, he just loses weight but stays muscular because he has a physical job. I need to leave the desk job life. Maybe that’s the answer.


I also need to drink water. I haven’t had water for at least 3.5 days. I remember having some Friday night. It’s now Tuesday. That’s probably definitely bad. Maybe if I flush my system, all will be well.

But I still need to exercise.