Oh, Fiber!

psyllium_seed So a friend of mine is a nutritionist; a very close friend who knows my eating habits well and used to be on MyFitnessPall with me. So she knows I don’t get enough fiber, and that I don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in general. So she advised me to get some psyllium husk capsules since Metamucil is full of extra color and flavor nonsense.

Since taking the psyllium, I’ve noticed my poop is better. It’s still poop though so it’s not like I’m excited about it. I’m supposed to feel fuller longer but I’m not totally sure that part is kicking in yet. My appetite fluctuates. I can have coffee in the morning and not be hungry until 2-3pm. I’m also not taking 3 capsules 3 times per day. I’m working up to it. Sometimes I’m lucky if I take it twice. So we shall see.

I have to chug down a glass of water with it, so at least it’ll help with my water intake. Apparently the psyllium soaks up the water in my stomach, so if my stubborn arse doesn’t drink enough water, I’ll regret it.


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