All Jokes Aside

I’m actually getting worried now. Like, “is there something wrong with me” worried. I’ve gained another 6 pounds in the past 2 weeks and I’m not sure how/why. I’ve been using MyFitnessPal (synced with my FitBit) to log what I’m eating almost every day and I don’t get it. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve had ice cream (my major vice) only 3 times and one of those was gelato– which has half the calories and fat.

I’m cooking dinner and having leftovers for lunch. More veggies. Taking fiber. Less coffee (though still 24oz per day, but better than 48 -64). Holy crap! That’s probably why I’m having headaches. Caffeine withdrawal. Derp. Well, I’m drinking more water. Only 24-48oz per day usually, but MUCH better than the 24-48oz per week I was getting. Have I mentioned how much I hate water?

New plan, drink even more water. Go to bed by midnight. Have two 12oz cups of coffee instead of one 24oz cup to see if the headaches chill. Then wean down by replacing one cup with tea eventually.

Most importantly, go to the doctor.


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