Weight Loss Foods

I’ve been watching this guy’s elliptical workout videos for a bit; I finally read his site. It has so much useful, motivational information! Check out  this diet info page on NowLoss.com. He raises a lot of logical points.

You’d have to eat 9 medium sized carrots (and good luck trying to do that) to get same amount of calories contained in a bag of M&M’S

I don’t agree with every piece of advice, but most of it is pretty awesome. Mostly it inspires me of what to eat when I can’t think of anything to eat. Oh, but there’s no way in hell I’m drinking V8. Ew… Yuck… Blech!

Now I just need to hurry and get an elliptical machine for home.

#GymsAintCheap #PayOnceWorkoutForLife #OkayImJustCheap



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