Mmmmm Salads

OMG Why does Wendy’s have such amazing salads? The BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad* was my jam for a while. Yes, my jam. Anyway, That was a salad I could eat for lunch every day — but without the bacon. I don’t know why, but chicken¬†and bacon on a salad just seems like overkill. When I was a vegetarian, I’d ask them to make it without the chicken and bacon and it was still amazing. I lost a lot of weight around that time… hmmm. ¬†Nope. Can’t do that again.

Moving on…

So now Wendy’s has this Mediterranean Power Salad* that is to live for. OMG. Great greens, chicken, chickpeas, hummus, feta, quinoa… some other stuff. All the protein. All the flavor. All the veggies fo dat ass. I swear. Did I mention the flavor?

It’s also worth noting that both of these salads are so good that I almost never use the dressing packet that comes with them. I don’t get crazy about recipes usually — especially not from a fast food place — but this is seriously worth sharing. Both of these salads are now my go-to lunches for when I forget to pack leftovers. The nutrition specs aren’t bad at all. My caloric restrictions and protein needs are being met when I have them. I wish I could have one for lunch and one for dinner every day, but that’s just not practical. Ah well.


*Yeah, I suck at remembering the real names of the salads but I know I’m close.