Lost 6 pounds. Yay?

The Good News: I’ve lost 6 pounds (in the past 4 days).

The Bad News: I’m so stressed out I can’t eat or drink anything without getting sick.

So yeah. Go me.


Just 6 Weeks

This is the main app that got me back in shape. This and Zombies Run. That’s all I was using when I left my ex and needed to put my anger someplace productive.


So I may not have that rage anymore, but I do have all this weird energy that needs to go somewhere. I start dancing again today so I’m sure that will help as well. It all takes time. In the meantime, I’ll be doing my darndest to stay aware of my highs and lows when it comes to health and fitness. That should keep me on track even if I slip.

Long Time No See

So I have been really good about taking time to meditate. I’ve been good about randomly doing squats and push-ups every few hours. I’ve even been jogging in place for five minutes a couple times a day (mostly to crush my Fitbit goal). So why am I having a hard time getting back into my elliptical routine?


Maybe because my dumb arse lost the power cord. Thank God for Amazon. No seriously. Thank you, God. I think I’d be slipping into a depression and fattening up hardcore without it.

Seriously, the boyfriend has an olympic weight bench and almost 400 pounds worth of weights, but I can’t get the motivation to use them. Maybe there’s the intimidation factor. When we met, he could bench more than me. Now he’s benching a little less form working so much he doesn’t have the energy to lift. He works his ass off so he’s still in amazing shape. So I think that’s contibuting to my shyness about working out around him. It’s ridiculous because he gives zero fucks. I’ve worked out with him a few times in the past. I did my thing and he did his– but I was in better shape back then. That’s ┬áit! That’s what it is. Okay. Figured it out. Done now.