Long Time No See

So I have been really good about taking time to meditate. I’ve been good about randomly doing squats and push-ups every few hours. I’ve even been jogging in place for five minutes a couple times a day (mostly to crush my Fitbit goal). So why am I having a hard time getting back into my elliptical routine?


Maybe because my dumb arse lost the power cord. Thank God for Amazon. No seriously. Thank you, God. I think I’d be slipping into a depression and fattening up hardcore without it.

Seriously, the boyfriend has an olympic weight bench and almost 400 pounds worth of weights, but I can’t get the motivation to use them. Maybe there’s the intimidation factor. When we met, he could bench more than me. Now he’s benching a little less form working so much he doesn’t have the energy to lift. He works his ass off so he’s still in amazing shape. So I think that’s contibuting to my shyness about working out around him. It’s ridiculous because he gives zero fucks. I’ve worked out with him a few times in the past. I did my thing and he did his– but I was in better shape back then. That’s  it! That’s what it is. Okay. Figured it out. Done now.




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