Today I Learned…


I’m a mesomorph, not an endomorph.  I had to look back to my non-overweight body composition, shape, and functioning (metabolic). And the crazy thing is that majority of my family is mesomorphic, with only a few who are just plain endomorphy.

I think if anything I’m a slightly endomorphic mesomorph, but that’s mostly because of the way my metabolism functions. I am not a person who can just diet and lose weight. I have to train hard. And I need to cut down on the starchy carbs. Apparently, I should be timing them, but that’s going to take some 2am binge reading of food science articles. In the meantime, I’ll be getting some meal planning done this weekend for next week. I find it hard to cut out rice (brown) but I can definitely cut down.

And thank God for Sworkit. I swear. I just have to add more cardio to my training instead of focusing on the resistance/strength circuits. But dance starts back up on 9/7 and I’ll be getting PLENTY of cardio then.



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