Pull-up Goals

“No matter how much you can squat, pull off the ground, or get over your head – if you cannot pull yourself up to a bar there is a fundamental and functional strength concern that needs to be addressed.”
– Chet Morjaria


This is definitely true. It might seem like an opinion but it must be taken as fact.

And why is it that push-ups are so much harder than pull-ups? Why is it that even though push-ups hurt like hell after a while, doing just one pull-up is torture? Oh, wait. Answered my own question internally: every pound of my massive body is being held and subsequently pulled up by one part of my body. So, duh.

We all need to be able to do pull ups for the sake of survival. What if you fall and slide down a hill which just happens to be a cliff? Hanging is one thing, but could you pull yourself up to safety after all that momentum? That is not easy on its own — let alone under pressure!

So this is where I have to suck it up and ask the boyfriend for help. Why? Because this fool does about 100 pull-ups every other day. 10 sets of 10.  Religiously. Sometimes more. Because he’s crazy. (#SentenceFragmentsEverywhere) So I need to make myself coachable. I need to let go and let Rob on this one and not go from zero to beeech if he pushes me. Because I know I don’t know it all so I can’t let exhaustion, pain, and frustration take me to a cranky place.



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