Exercise – Easy. Food – Hard

I started my day with a protein shake. I had to at least pretend I could meet my goals lol. For whatever reason (read: work) I have a really hard time eating lunch. It’s like I start the day off right then just bomb until I get home.

Can’t wait to lift weights tonight, though! I’ll have another protein shake after. I’ll also make mini meatloaves for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch. This will work out! I just have to keep focused.

It’s hard to say, “I’ll definitely eat enough to meet my macros tomorrow!” I know that’s likely to be a lie. But I know I’ll try. Whereas I know that when I say I’ll exercise, I really will. It’s not hard for me at all. Maybe I need to hurry up and get a new job. One where I don’t need 2-3 clones of myself.


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