Doctor, Doctor Time

I have a doctor’s appointment set for 1/9 that I”m trying to get rescheduled for this week (today if someone cancels). Wish me luck. I hated having to reschedule because of work.  I just want hard data to record, analyze, and use for a solid plan to lose some damned weight. I hope I’m still as healthy as I was at last check-in. I hope eating meat again hasn’t made things worse than I realized. That’s my fear. I’m omnivorous at heart. I love veggies, but I love pot roast, too. And chicken with mushrooms and asparagus is my happy place on lifting days.

I’m at the point where I’m ready to try Qsymia or something similar. Qsymia would be good because it’s a combo of phentermine (appetite suppressant) and topiramate (prevents migraines and seizures). I’m fat and I get migraines — especially at work and when gaming. So I feel like this would be a win for me. But what do I know without talking to te doctor first? Actually a lot. Usually my doctors are impressed by my insanely anal researching and agree with my assessment. Obsessive personality power! Yeah, it’s why I’m asking for Qsymia and not Contrave. Crazy people don’t need Contrave making them crazier. 

Anyway, at my weight, I could realistically lose 10 pounds a month safely for about 6 months. That much I know. So let’s hope things go well when I finally get to the doctor. Waiting sucks.


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