23 Pounds Down

Well, technically 23.4 pounds down. I’m too mentally exhausted to be excited about it the way I should be. So many life changes happening and coming soon that I think a big part of my loss this past week is stress. Not eating enough by a long shot. Yeah, I finally hit the 20-pound milestone but that wasn’t really the way to do it. Despite not hitting my Fitbit step goal consistently, I have been plenty active in regard to lifting heavy things, HIIT, and being bendy. So I’m proud of myself for that. But I have to eat more than just oranges and nuts.

Having a huge tea in the morning with a wake-up wrap is going to be my regular thing. And I’m going to make salmon for dinner tonight. That’s a start. I have to eat. But I will admit that I find it interesting how now that I barely drink coffee, I’m losing. SO many of my day calories came from coffee. Wow. Anyway, enough rambling. No more skipping lunch and dinner. Living off snacks isn’t wise. The end.


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