My Fitness Pal

I swear I cringe every time this site tries to tell me how much to eat…


Your Suggested Fitness and Nutrition Goals

Congratulations! Your personalized diet and fitness profile is now complete. Based on your answers, here are your suggested nutrition and fitness goals.

Nutritional Goals Target
Net Calories Consumed* / Day 2,700 Calories / Day
Carbs / Day 338.0 g
Fat / Day 90.0 g
Protein / Day 135.0 g
Fitness Goals Target
Calories Burned / Week 970 Calories / Week
Workouts / Week 4 workouts
Minutes / Workout 20 minutes

Your projected weight loss is 2 lbs/week

You should lose 10 lbs by November 5


Are you freaking kidding me? At my weight, I wanna lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I want to drop 3-5 lbs each week because I have plenty to spare.

There needs to be an “obese mode” or an app for people who can safely lose more than 2 pounds per week. Ugh. But I guess that’s what dieticians are for.


Fitbit Love is Strong

Of all the things I do to keep active, my #Fitbit userdom is probably the best. I seriously don’t know where I’d be without it. Probably fatter. Maybe back on blood pressure medicine. Who knows. I just know that I feel fitter as a result of having this thing remind me to get up from my desk (on the slower days). I smile when it tells me I’m meeting my goals. I get competitive as hell when a friend is beating me in a challenge. It’s just awesome.

Just 6 Weeks

This is the main app that got me back in shape. This and Zombies Run. That’s all I was using when I left my ex and needed to put my anger someplace productive.


So I may not have that rage anymore, but I do have all this weird energy that needs to go somewhere. I start dancing again today so I’m sure that will help as well. It all takes time. In the meantime, I’ll be doing my darndest to stay aware of my highs and lows when it comes to health and fitness. That should keep me on track even if I slip.