Flying Fat

So I was reading an article about a fat guy who was kicked off a flight because a guy didn’t want to sit next to him.

The Facts:
– He checked and saw that his size did not exceed the seating requirements.
– He purchased an aisle seat and was later forced into a middle seat.
– The complainer was offered 2 other seats and refused to take them.

My opinion:
The complainer was a selfish tool and should have been forced to either take one of those open seats or sit back down and stfu.

I’m 6ft tall and big, but not big enough to buy another seat. My boyfriend is kinda as you described – 6’2″ around 230 muscular with very broad shoulders. The thing we complain about is lack of leg room. And God forbid someone push their seat back. The pain is real.

The problem is the seats are too small. It’s not like tall people are a rarity. And you don’t have to be morbidly obese to take up more space than your seat allows. One row od people who are 5’8″ and like 150 lbs each and no one is going to be comfortable. The problem is they’re trying to cram us all in like sardines to make more money and it’s wrong.