Mmmmm Salads

OMG Why does Wendy’s have such amazing salads? The BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad* was my jam for a while. Yes, my jam. Anyway, That was a salad I could eat for lunch every day — but without the bacon. I don’t know why, but chicken and bacon on a salad just seems like overkill. When I was a vegetarian, I’d ask them to make it without the chicken and bacon and it was still amazing. I lost a lot of weight around that time… hmmm.  Nope. Can’t do that again.

Moving on…

So now Wendy’s has this Mediterranean Power Salad* that is to live for. OMG. Great greens, chicken, chickpeas, hummus, feta, quinoa… some other stuff. All the protein. All the flavor. All the veggies fo dat ass. I swear. Did I mention the flavor?

It’s also worth noting that both of these salads are so good that I almost never use the dressing packet that comes with them. I don’t get crazy about recipes usually — especially not from a fast food place — but this is seriously worth sharing. Both of these salads are now my go-to lunches for when I forget to pack leftovers. The nutrition specs aren’t bad at all. My caloric restrictions and protein needs are being met when I have them. I wish I could have one for lunch and one for dinner every day, but that’s just not practical. Ah well.


*Yeah, I suck at remembering the real names of the salads but I know I’m close.


I Got an Elliptical! Woo Hoo!

I'm officially calling this my new "before" shot. Me at 328 -- which is also back to my highest (335). Fuck that nonsense.
I’m officially calling this my new “before” shot. This is me at 328 — which is also back to my highest (335).
Fuck that nonsense.

So I got an elliptical machine! Yay!  It’s the NordicTrack A.C.T. Pro (NTEL01299). Yep, the 2011 model. Whatever. That thing was $150 and has amazing reviews. The [extended] warranty isn’t up until the end of 2017 and the console is newly replaced. I’m a super happy camper.

The machine feels sturdy x10 and it glides sooo smoothly. I was actually going to buy the newer one from Sears since I’m approved for financing, but I just didn’t feel like having another bill to pay. So I checked Craigslist and got lucky. A lot of people are selling cheaper ones that only hold up to 225 or 250 pounds. Then there are the people selling huskier NordicTrack and ProForm ellipticals but want 600+ for them. I’m just saying, the universe heard my cries and put this one out there for me. $150?!! Are you kidding me?! Yeah, that’s beyond good luck.

So anyway, I’ve always preferred elliptical machines. They feel like more of a workout than a treadmill and I believe the general consensus is that they are. I did a 25min fat burn [pre-programmed] workout and was BEAT at the end. Even after 15min I was ready to cry lol. I plugged in my tablet and watched some Quantico during my workout. That made things much better. Of course I didn’t think to turn on the built-in fan. Derp. I was drenched in sweat. My boyfriend came down to take a pic and I was like, “No! My face is all sweaty and gross!” But he took it anyway and now I’m glad. It’ll be great to see what using this 25-45min each day will do for me. Maybe I’ll take a new photo bi-weekly or monthly.



Oh, Fiber!

psyllium_seed So a friend of mine is a nutritionist; a very close friend who knows my eating habits well and used to be on MyFitnessPall with me. So she knows I don’t get enough fiber, and that I don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in general. So she advised me to get some psyllium husk capsules since Metamucil is full of extra color and flavor nonsense.

Since taking the psyllium, I’ve noticed my poop is better. It’s still poop though so it’s not like I’m excited about it. I’m supposed to feel fuller longer but I’m not totally sure that part is kicking in yet. My appetite fluctuates. I can have coffee in the morning and not be hungry until 2-3pm. I’m also not taking 3 capsules 3 times per day. I’m working up to it. Sometimes I’m lucky if I take it twice. So we shall see.

I have to chug down a glass of water with it, so at least it’ll help with my water intake. Apparently the psyllium soaks up the water in my stomach, so if my stubborn arse doesn’t drink enough water, I’ll regret it.

I Love Pinch of Yum


Photo (c) Pinch of Yum
Photo (c) Pinch of Yum

When you barely eat all day, you can eat delish food that’s not super healthy and survive. Or you could eat super delicious food and thrive.

I’ve been loving Pinch of Yum for a while. The recipes aren’t 100% healthy, but many are great for dieters. This recipe for Garlic Basil Chicken with Tomato Butter Sauce is everything you need in your life. Dinner is served without a side dish of guilt. But it’s not completely diet-friendly if you haven’t been perfectly restricting all day.

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